Workshops and Lectures - Research Stories
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Our workshops and lectures are ideal to introduce a topic or teach a specific technique. Based on the number of participants and duration we can make the workshop interactive or more lecture-style. Either way, the audience will learn new insights and skills that they can apply to improve their research stories.


Custom solutions from ResearchStories start with assessing your situation and needs. Use this step-by-step process to find out which workshop and format work best for you and your colleagues.

  • 1. Perform a needs check

    What are you struggling with or want to improve on to make good looking graphs or create an impactful presentation? Write it all down!

  • 2. Find your buddies

    You are not alone! Find the people within your organization with similar needs.

  • 3. Pick your format

    Do you prefer a live workshop or videos on-demand? How much interaction and feedback do you want?

  • 4. Choose your moment

    Do you have a date or time frame in mind or do you want a flexible online format?

  • 5. Contact us

    Share your wish list with us and we will get to work on making your ResearchStory dreams come true!


For information about our workshops, please call or email us.

We’d love to hear about the challenges you face and find out how we can help you.


Would you rather go digital? These workshops can also be offered as live webinars for up to 100 participants!

Design Principles

Hardcore design theory! Focus on the “why” of design. Learn how to minimize your audience’s cognitive load, so they can save capacity to process and understand your key message.

Data Visualization with Microsoft Excel

Excel is a great tool for building graphs. Move beyond distracting default settings and make dumbbell dot plots, panel bars, and more visuals that will communicate your data story better.

Social Media Strategies for Research

Break out of the confines of published articles and conference audiences. Social media can help you reach a wider audience. We’ll help you build a strategy that will get you ready to go viral.

Preparing Readable Reports

Do you worry about your reader losing interest in long reports? Give your reports a professional look and feel that helps readers navigate them easily.

PowerPoint Magic for Dynamic Presentations

Put an end to death by PowerPoint. Build dynamic presentations that use delicate animations so strengthen your story. Your PowerPoint will follow you instead of leading you, plus you’ll build in shortcuts and pathways that will help you move smoothly through your presentation. Bye bye, scrolling through slides!

Custom Workshops

We create customized workshops to meet your research story communication needs. Contact us for help with your story or visualizations problems and we’ll develop a solution that works for you!