Courses - Research Stories
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Every ResearchStories session is big-impact, full-speed, and highly interactive. Each session will challenge you to move from your comfort zone to your stretch zone, where lasting learning happens. Whether you want to create gorgeous data visualizations, an attention-grabbing conference poster, or a memorable keynote, these courses will give you the essential skills and practice you need to make an impact with your research story.

What do we offer

  • 12 participant maximum to guarantee individual attention
  • Separate programs for researchers and support staff
  • English and Dutch language courses
  • In-person and (soon) online course options
  • Summary emails with highlights after each session
  • Exclusive access to background materials
  • Exclusive access to advice and feedback from instructors for one month following the last session

Visual stories

Presenting scientific information is challenging. You have to take your audience’s needs into consideration and give them enough information to make your message both clear and memorable.


In this course, you’ll learn data visualization design principles, storytelling techniques, and presentation skills that will help you deliver an impactful research story. You’ll make crisp, tailored visuals and animate your graphs. You’ll choose and craft the right story and send your audience home with a message they will remember, apply, and share.

Boost your impact

Impact outside the academy matters today more than ever before, particularly to grant review committees. Your research has impact potential far beyond the university. Increasingly, demonstrating this impact is the key to funding success.


This course will help you enhance your impact without dumbing down or compromising your content. You’ll start with identifying relevant stakeholders, and then move on to describing their needs and creating a message tailored just for them.

Academic Dashboards

Long-term, long-distance projects require specialized solutions for sharing data and progress updates.


Consortiums and longitudinal studies need to share data and interim results with often far-flung colleagues. Dashboards help get all your stakeholders on the same page and provide preliminary insights into data while you’re still gathering it. You’ll learn how to create insightful, activating, and effective dashboards using MS Excel, MS PowerBI, or Google Data Studio.