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  • Visual Stories

    • Learn data visualization design principles, storytelling techniques, and presentation skills that will help you deliver an impactful research story.
    • 6 modules: Design Principles, Infographics, Scientific Illustration, Data Visualization, Storytelling, and Presenting your Story
    • Build a custom course with relevant modules
    • 4-hour interactive workshops with expert instructors

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  • Boost your Impact

    • Impact outside the academy matters today more than ever before, particularly to grant review committees. Enhance your impact without “dumbing down” or compromising your content.
    • Understand your stakeholders’ goals and needs
    • Integrate societal impact into your agenda
    • Communicate your data story to your audience
    • 2 half-day workshops with expert instructors

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  • Dashboard Design

    • Dashboards help get all stakeholders, near and far, on the same page and provide preliminary insights into data while you’re still collecting it. Reduce email traffic by giving relevant collaborators access to a dashboard with all the information they need.
    • Focus on dashboard design
    • Select key performance indicators (KPIs)  that are relevant to your end-users
    • Suitable for MS Excel, MS PowerBI, and Google Data Studio dashboards
    • 3 half-day workshops with expert instructors

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Convert your research into visual stories.

You care about your research and results. You want to share them with the world. The best tool you can use is story. Stories stick. Stories stick better when supported by beautiful, clear visuals. Visually powerful stories tailored to your audience’s knowledge and interests should be an integral part of your communication and funding application strategy.


Design Principles

Hardcore design theory! Focus on the “why” of design. Learn how to minimize your audience’s cognitive load, so they can save capacity to process and understand your key message.

Data Visualization with Microsoft Excel

Excel is a great tool for building graphs. Move beyond distracting default settings and make dumbbell dot plots, panel bars, and more visuals that will communicate your data story better.

PowerPoint Magic for Dynamic Presentations

Put an end to death by PowerPoint. Build dynamic presentations that use delicate animations to strengthen your story. Your PowerPoint will follow you instead of leading you, plus you’ll build in shortcuts and paths that will help you move smoothly through your presentation. Bye bye, scrolling through slides!

Preparing Readable Reports

Do you worry about your reader losing interest in long reports? Give your reports a professional look and feel that helps readers navigate them easily.

Social Media Strategies for Research

Break out of the confines of published articles and conference audiences. Social media can help you reach a wider audience. We’ll help you build a strategy that will get you ready to go viral.

Custom Workshops

We create customized workshops to meet your research story communication needs. Contact us for help with your story or visualization problems and we’ll develop a solution that works for you!

At ResearchStories, we teach scientists and researchers effective science communication that reaches a broad audience and creates a lasting impact. Our team of instructors have extensive experience working in academic settings. We can offer you the best support to get your message out there and make it memorable.


Create an impact with your research!