Visual stories - Research Stories
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Presenting scientific information is challenging. You have to take your audience’s needs into consideration and give them enough information to make your message both clear and memorable.

In this course, you’ll learn data visualization design principles, storytelling techniques, and presentation skills that will help you deliver an impactful research story. You’ll make crisp, tailored visuals and animate your graphs. You’ll choose and craft the right story and send your audience home with a message they will remember, apply, and share.

Visual stories

We will teach you how to create impactful research stories using a step-by-step process from determining your purpose to constructing the story, from designing the ultimate visuals to learning how to deliver your story with impact.

During the course, you can

  • Identify your key message and tailor it to your audience
  • Focus on key factors when designing your visual or graph
  • Use color, style, images, chart types, icons, and more to tell your visual story
  • Strengthen your story with visuals
  • Expand your graph-vocabulary by hundreds of chart types
  • Design your own infographic
  • Try your hand at scientific illustrating
  • Transform your dull scientific text into a memorable story
  • Get comfortable with speaking in front of your audience

Course modules

This course is made up of 6 modules. Design Principles is the foundation module and required for all participants. After that, you can pick and choose the modules that best suit your needs. Each module is 4 hours long and the sequence is fixed.


  • Design Principles
  • Storytelling
  • Data Visualization
  • Infographics
  • Scientific Illustration
  • Presenting Your Story

Who can participate?

We customize our training programs for each audience. Your program will be unique for your group. We recommend grouping participants according to career phases, for example:


  • PHD students
  • Post-docs and junior researchers
  • Senior researchers and professors


Workshops are limited to a 12 participant maximum to guarantee individual attention for all participants.

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