Boost your Impact - Research Stories
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Impact outside the academy matters today more than ever before, particularly to grant review committees. Your research has impact potential far beyond the university. Increasingly, demonstrating this impact is the key to funding success.

Boost your Impact

This course will help you enhance your impact without dumbing down or compromising your content. You’ll start with identifying relevant stakeholders, and then move on to describing their needs and creating a message tailored just for them.

After the course, you will

  • Understand what societal impact entails
  • Identify scientific and non-scientific stakeholders in and around your research topic
  • Describe your stakeholders’ goals and needs
  • Develop a clear, concise key message
  • Create an impact strategy that targets your stakeholders
  • Develop a visual concept to support your key message
  • Write a draft message to support your key message
  • Translate your data story for your stakeholders
  • Integrate societal impact into your research agenda

Who can participate?

This course is most relevant for

  • Academics who prepare funding applications
  • Researchers in advanced stages of large projects

Workshops are limited to a 12 participant maximum to guarantee individual attention for all participants.


This course is made up of two half-day modules. They can be offered together on one day or separately on two different days.

We believe


Impact isn’t an accident. Plan it.

Questions? We are ready to help!