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NWO Call for proposals brings citizens and knowledge closer together, get engaged!

Sharon Smit

NWO Call for proposals brings citizens and knowledge closer together, get engaged!

Written by: Sharon Smit

Societal impact of scientific research is increasingly higher on the agendas of universities and universities of applied sciences. Impact increases the scope of research results. With all the societal challenges we face, the role of knowledge is becoming increasingly important.

Governments can make better evidence-informed policy decisions based on validated knowledge. Businesses and organisations involve knowledge to realise better projects. Industry develops and innovates products based on scientific knowledge. NWO wants to stimulate the link between knowledge and the general public by means of a new funding scheme.

With this grant, knowledge institutions and museums are given the opportunity to develop projects to share the results of their research with audiences that would not normally come into contact with research and the knowledge that comes from it.

Impact can best be defined as a certain effect, benefit, or change as a result of (new) knowledge.

NWO believes it is important that we check our facts when forming opinions, that we gain a better understanding of how science contributes to this and how we can organise more interaction between science and society.

Do you need a few tips or ideas?

This call offers an excellent opportunity to create impact through targeted science communication around high-quality scientific research. Think, for example, of an interview via a podcast, the organisation of a dialogue, an accessible animation, or an understandable and interactive graph.

Let these ideas inspire you to get engaged with societal impact from science for (and with!) the wider public:

  • A knowledge dialogue on the poverty challenge in Eastern Groningen with researchers, government, social organizations, writers from Groningen and residents
  • Organising a series of game days on climate change for young people or neighbourhoods with a sustainability ambition with researchers from various social sciences
  • Developing a variety of presentations of research results through animation or interactive data visualization, tailored to the needs of the future generation of researchers
  • Promoting inclusive science by making accessible presentations to promote scientific knowledge sharing for the illiterate


Planning your impact

ResearchStories supports researchers and research institutes who want to know more about how to tackle impact in a targeted, effective and strategic way. We have both experience and expertise to support you in telling your story to a variety of stakeholders. Let’s create impact together.

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